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"Lillian made a huge difference in my overall balance issues and her positive attitude and concern for her client was always evident. She helped me tremendously."

"They were all very good to me :)."

"Susan and Krystal are the best!"

"Katherine and Bruce were exceptional care providers.  They are knowledgeable, respectful and caring.  I couldn’t have gotten 2 better people to look after me! 😊"

"Mr. C received excellent care from Tim.  This nurse is a very caring individual.  Whenever there was a question regarding medication or a condition impeding Mr. C's progress, Tim did not hesitate to contact the physicians involved.  He comforted me when I had no one to turn to on bad days.  I thank him for being so kind and considerate.  Brian also gave us excellent service and was very considerate of Mr. C's condition.  He gave me advice on how to handle my husband when helping in and out of bed.  Brian made life a little easier for me.  Both of these men will never be forgotten by yours truly as they helped me to cope at the most difficult time in my life."

"Jenna came to my house and she was a HUGE help!!!"

"When I have my left knee surgery, I want only Laurie for my physical therapist."

"The nurse Charmaine and physical therapist Susan were the best people. Thank you for taking care of me."

"Everyone was very nice and caring."

"Very happy with my team."