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"I had the best nurse! Thank you!"

"Kelly was great. She helped me SO much."

"Janice is awesome!!"

"Nursing care was exceptional."

"The nursing care, physical therapist, and occupational therapist were outstanding.  They gave me excellent care and therapy services.  A job well done by all."

"Both Chris and Kelly were great!! Very professional, always prompt. Chris was very informative on ways to help continue my recovery."

"Would definitely recommend VNA"

"Thank you VNA and St. Joe’s for sharing Tabitha with me.  She has a world of wisdom stored in her brain and also has lots of compassion in her heart."

"My nurse was FANTASTIC!"

"Jean was my nurse.  She was fabulous!  Each time she came she did everything, including daily weight checks.  I had her phone number to call her 24/7.  Once, after she saw me, she insisted I go to the hospital when I didn’t want to.  I went and was so grateful to her."