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"I am very thankful for the quality of care I received to help me to begin my recovery from hip replacement.  She was very professional, caring, punctual, and pleasant for the two weeks she worked with me.  I learned so many important things about myself that surprised me.  At first I was afraid, but, after the first day and knowing that she cared about me getting on my feet, I gained confidence.  I am glad I met your therapist and my wife was especially happy to see my progress.  Let it be known to your therapist that represents what it is to be called a professional in her field and you should be very proud of her."

"Words cannot say enough for the nurse Ms. Tracey that came out to our home twice a week to check his blood pressure. Also a nurse by the name of Ms. Laura came once and she was just as kind as Ms. Tracey. You have a good group of staff members that work with the VNA."

"Jay the therapist was the best. He was motivating and encouraging."

"The therapist was here once and was excellent. My nurse Gretchen was fantastic."

"Special thanks to VNA for giving me quality care with having dedicated staff to patients needs.  Everyone was extremely helpful.  Thank you!"

"I had Cheryl and Kirk and Pam.  They were terrific.  I got well because of all 3 of them."

"Lillian made a huge difference in my overall balance issues and her positive attitude and concern for her client was always evident. She helped me tremendously."

"I would like to acknowledge and thank my nurse Ms. Katrin, RN for the information, help, caring and concern shown to me while under her home care. She is certainly an asset to your association. Just answering yes or no on your survey did not seem sufficient in my case."

"Loved Megan. Loved Allyson and Scott too."

"Christine was a wonderful therapist. Responsible and very delightful."