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Physicians Information

What’s good for the doctor………
Is good for the patient

We are committed to our physicians satisfaction. VNA of Maryland is proud to be one of the first home care agencies in the area to offer physicians a fully integrated web based program, giving the physician and their team real-time access to all of their patient information.

The Physician will have immediate access to:

  • Patient demographic information
  • Most recent vital signs, medication, wound measurements
  • Patient status: pending, active, hospitalized or discharged from home care
  • The ability to review, approve and sign orders electronically
  • Have access to patient records for a minimum of 7 years
  • Access to their patients home care calendar
  • Allow for automatic preparation of billing information that physicians need to bill for certification and recertification oversight services.

A five-minute demonstration will show you the potential of our innovative system.
Please contact Gretchen Swimmer, Associate Director of Community Relations, at 410-594-2625 for more information.

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