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Charity Care

The VNA of Maryland has Charity Care and Sliding Fee Scale Program. The Sliding Fee Scale is available for those persons eligible for home care services who need financial assistance to help pay for their visit, and have no other viable funding source. The Federal Poverty Level (FPL) income guidelines are used to determine eligibility. Persons who have incomes not in excess of 200% of the most recent FPL guidelines would be eligible for full charity care, based on the services requested and VNA’s ability to provide those services. Persons above this income level may be eligible for partial charity care depending upon their financial situation and services requested. VNA of Maryland also has time payment plans for low-income clients who do not qualify for full charity care, but are unable to bear the full cost of services. This policy will be provided to the client and family.

VNA of Maryland will make a determination of probable eligibility for charity care or reduced fees within two business days of the person’s request for charity care, application for Medical Assistance, or both, or request for reduced fees based on initial information provided. When proof of your income and other required documentation is provided, VNA of Maryland will be able to make a final determination of eligibility for charity care or reduced fees. However, if the requested documentation is not submitted or the services are not within the scope of our practice, VNA of Maryland reserves the right to make a final determination that denies the request for charity care or reduced fees. Approval for charity care or reduced fees is also subject to availability of unused allotted yearly charity visits for VNA of Maryland.

If you have a need for financial assistance, please contact the VNA of Maryland and speak with one of our financial analysts at 1-888-523-5000.